How are you getting ready for back to school?
In just 3 more days Carter will be going to school for the first time (thank you kindergarten staggered start!!) and if it’s anything like the first time he started at a day home he’s bound to get sick with a cold or flu at least once this fall. When one person is sick in our house it spreads. With 2 other children and one big baby (man colds…amiright???) here are some ways that we are covering our bases!

Hand washing
No matter what your age, proper hand washing is important to help stop the spread of germs. Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ 2 times (with soap and water) is how long you should wash your hands every. single. time. Carrying around some hand sanitizer for those times when hand washing isn’t an option is also a good idea! 

Diet & vitamins
Not just fruits & vegetables (although those are high in antioxidants and help your immune system) a diet that covers all the bases! Grains, protein, dairy – everything! Add in some vitamins (probiotics are good to help with the intestinal tract). If not to prevent then to help fight the cold or flu when you are feeling under the weather.

Take care of that nose
Well stocked for the season! A good soft Kleenex is important for when you have to continuously wipe your nose. For when the nose gets raw anyways… Check out Cicadermine to help soothe your skin.

The medicine cabinet is stocked
In our medicine cabinet we always make sure we have some Boiron cold and flu products to help the whole family – it never happens all at once…one person after another gets sick and it’s a looooooooonnnnggggg process. To help with the flu we make sure we have a good stock of Oscillococcinum, it helps to relieve the flu symptoms for all of us! For a cold we use Children’s Coryzalia, which is a must for Finn, especially the individual unit doses which are a must have in our diaper bag. For the coughs that are always worse at night, we have a good supply of Stodal Honey which even works wonders for the man cold. 

Having this plan makes the whole back to school thing a little bit easier. We’ve got this!! What about you? 

Boiron Back to School

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2 Comments on How are you getting ready for back to school? #boironbacktoschool

  1. Jaime Blunier
    at 8:53 pm (2 years ago)

    Ahh yes! Back to school time! I am anxious and sad at the same time! Hate all the schedules and extra activities that are added on to my already hectic schedule. But love the fact that I will get a few hours of a little quieter time. However I didn’t stop and think about the fact that one of the kids are bound to get sick or catch a cold. Thanks for the reminders and the tips! Great post!

  2. Logan Can
    at 9:05 pm (2 years ago)

    YES to all of these! Washing your hands often is so important!


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