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A few years ago we started Geocaching after Kris learned about it while on a business trip in B.C. Armed with an iPhone, a Geocache App , some trinkets (see suggestions below) to replace with trinkets found, and a pen to sign the books left in the Geocaches we started the fun.

The first time that we went we found two Geocaches and Carter was so excited! Since then we have gone ALOT and it has been a great FREE activity to do as a family while getting some fresh air and exercise. Its the best of all worlds. 

Getting started is so easy. 
You will need:  
Portable GPS or Iphone/Android- Apps can be downloaded for your iPhone, Android, Windows phone.

If you are looking for more information here is a great local Geocaching resource.
GeoCaching Edmonton

Going with small kids? Make it even more fun by pretending that you and your family are pirates on a treasure hunt looking for treasures.

Trinket ideas to bring Geocaching 

Small toys (smaller then a Kinder surprise)
Fortunes/Quotes/Jokes printed on small pieces of paper
Character bandaids (still wrapped of course!)

Wondering where to go Geocaching?? EVERYWHERE
Go on a walk and see what you can find. Even better- this can even be an activity in other places that you visit. Towns, cities, camping..

Have you tried Geocaching before or have you tried it because of this post??I would love to hear about your Geocaching experiences!! 

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