Compost worms that is and they are so cool.

Incase you don’t know yet – we took possession of our house on April 1st and have been living here officially for a couple of weeks now. Our backyard is pretty kick ass for being in the City of Edmonton and we have big plans on creating some awesome gardens to grown a lot of vegetables! 

Getting compost worms was definitely on the top of my list for when we moved into our house.

Why are compost worms good to have, you ask? There are many reasons!

  • You can put various food scraps from fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, cardboard and paper (without any print or ink), grains, and various other items in there for the worms to compost
  • It’s a good way to keep unnecessary items out of landfills
  • It’s a great way to contribute to your Organic garden as compost is so good for a garden
  • A great way to recycle
  • A fun way to spend time as a family. (Carter and Sophie love to “feed the worms”.)  
  • It’s a good learning experience. 
Our worms are just tiny babies right now so getting pictures of them would just look like I am posting pictures of dirt, but when they get bigger there will definitely be some pictures!! 

Are you interested in getting compost worms? 

If you are interested in purchasing some for yourself you can check them out at the Earth’s General Store in Edmonton. You can check out their website here or you call them @ 780.439.8725 to inquire about compost worms. 

The City of Edmonton website is also a great resource. And of course Google!

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