Food Trucks around Edmonton

This nice weather is making me want to plan all things summer like right now! With our growing food truck scene there are so many places to try out, and you don’t want to miss a thing! Here are 3 ways to find your favourite food trucks around Edmonton. (and also explore some new ones) 

What the Truck?!

You will definitely find something for those tastebuds here! A bunch of Edmonton’s Food Trucks all in one location so that you can check out an old favourite or find a few new ones. What the Truck?! has announced their event dates all at once so you can plan ahead.

Street Food Edmonton App

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.34.02 AM Food Trucks around Edmonton App

This App includes many of the food trucks around Edmonton. You can view lists by proximity to you, alphabetical order, most popular and you can also create your own list of favourites! Each food truck listed also has their hours posted and what methods of payments they accept. Could it be any more convenient? The best part is that other cities have this App too, so if you are visiting places like Boston, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto (plus a few more places) you can check out their food truck scene too!

Download the Street Food Edmonton App here

Get Social on Social Media

New Food Trucks around Edmonton

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great places to follow your favourite food truck(s). Get live updates of specials, hours, and menu features for the day! Speaking of getting Social online, here are some of my favourite food trucks that I am following on Instagram:

La Poutine 
The Crooked Fork
Bully Food Truck 

What are some of your favourite food trucks around Edmonton?

Photo credit: FiliStix Facebook Page 

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