The K-Days Parade is this Friday, July 21st 10am-12pm.


K-Days Parade EdmontonGoing to any parade can be daunting with the crowds, especially if you have more than one child with you. These are some of the tips that have helped me to survive going to the K-Days Parade with kids in the past years. 

Getting there

My go to parking spaces are the ones at MacEwan University and also the parking lot in front of the downtown Police Station (on the South Side of the building). This year they are a little bit of a jaunt from the parade but they won’t be blocked off for the parade.

The parade route also has 3 LRT stations throughout, which gives you the option to park ‘n’ ride.

Pick your seat

With the parade starting at 10 am, and pre-parade entertainment starting at 9am, you’ll want to grab your spot by at least 9 am. This year the parade route starts at 97 street and will head West down Jasper Ave, finishing at 108 street. 

With shaded and sunny areas on the parade route there’s plenty of places along the K-Days Parade for you to sit. Better yet, bring an umbrella and make your own shade, or use it should it rain! Regardless don’t forget your sunscreen and hats. 

Bring snacks and drinks

Have kids that eat like hobbits with their second breakfast and everything? Me too!  Because it’s so busy during the parade and even afterward it can be time-consuming to run and grab something quick (not so quick). Pack some snacks, make sure you have some water bottles or juice boxes, and even consider packing a lunch since the parade ends at 12 and then you have the downtown lunch rush too. 

Bathrooms at the K-Days Parade

Why is it that kids always have to go to the bathroom at the worst times? Take a bathroom break beforehand but if nature calls you need some place that is accessible. The new route this year passes a few public buildings, one of them being the relocated library at 10212 Jasper Avenue NW. 

The swag

Those balloon yo-yo balls that you can buy for the price of your left kidney on the black market…don’t do it. They never last and kid’s loose interest so quickly. Free temporary tattoos..I’m your girl. Just dump the whole bucket into my purse so I can use them for  bribing my kids providing them as positive reinforcement in the future. 

The K-Days parade is a lot of fun for kids and is a great free event. If you’re not going to the parade this year but will be going to K-Days you can check out the Mini Parade at 6 pm each evening. 

What other tips do you have for surviving the K-Days Parade, or any other parade for that matter?

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  1. Marny
    at 8:34 pm (4 months ago)

    I get there early and bring chalk & bubbles to occupy the kids before the parade starts.


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