Watch FernGully on Wednesday Aug 10th at the Legislature


On Wednesday Aug 10th bring you’re blankets, chairs, snacks, and the whole family down to the Alberta Legislature for the movie FernGully. Starting at 8:30pm, you will watch as Crysta one of the fairies accidently shrinks a logger name Zax to her size.

Together they work to save FernGully from loggers and and the evil oil-like creature Hexxus who was turned into a tree by the fairies years ago but was awoken when the loggers started cutting down the trees. 

I can remember seeing FernGully for the first time. It was one of the first movies that I went to in a theatre and has been one of my favourite movies since then. It is also the reason why I wanted to change my name from Christine to Crysta. (I mean come on, the spelling alone was awesome) 

This movie is being presented by Green Peace and Solar4All and you will also get to see some film shorts about community installations in Alberta. You can get more information about this event on the Green Peace Facebook Page



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