Last summer on our road trip to Kelowna, the kids watched all 8 of the Harry Potter movies. Can we say lifesaver!  Since then they have been some of the most watched movies in our household, and one that we all love to watch together as a family. 

Harry Potter

To celebrate the much anticipated Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them   the 8 Harry Potter films are being brought back to theatres across Canada (and the U.S) October 13th-20th. 

All of the movies will be presented in IMAX and will be shown at Scotiabank Theatres in West Edmonton mall. Each of the movies will be shown on different days, so you can plan to see them all or pick your favourite one(s) to see. 


Tickets go on sale Friday, October 7th at or in theatres and regular admission/IMAX movie prices apply.

I can guarantee that we will be buying tickets to watch The Chamber of Secrets (the kids love Myrtle). Which one(s) are you most excited to watch? 

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