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Month: January 2017

Where to find toddler-friendly workout classes around Edmonton

Toddler-friendly workout classes

In Edmonton, we are lucky to have so many baby friendly work-out classes, but there are not as many toddler-friendly workout classes. This makes it a little bit more difficult for parents looking to get in a good workout with kids that are older or if they have a baby as well as older kids. […] Read more…

Save 50% on Annual Passes for Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm

Already making plans for the summer? Add Prairie Gardens + Adventure Farm to your list o places to check with the kids. Open seven days a week from July to October now is the perfect time to think about it because you can save 50% on your annual passes until the end of January!  With options […] Read more…

Have you had a chance to watch Workin’ Moms on CBC?

Workin' Moms

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the new show on CBC Workin’ Moms, then it’s time to starts.  When I saw the preview for the show I honestly had no desire to watch it. My main thought was ‘oh great another show that’s going to cover the working mom in a comedic way […] Read more…

My experience with Antepartum Depression + Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let's Talk

The conversation has been started and yet there is still a stigma attached to Mental Health issues. It’s a reality that so many people know too well and it’s time to break that stigma. This is where Bell Let’s Talk Day comes in.  When I was pregnant with Sophie I experienced Antepartum depression during my second trimester. […] Read more…

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