Thinking of a baby name, the whole process can be stressful AF! And why? Because we want it to be unique, to fit the personality, to be a trendy name or not a trendy name, and to just be the perfect fit. 

Baby name

Did you feel territorial over your baby name?

I can remember feeling territorial over a girl name. The name was Abby and it was thee girl name for us. I had wanted to have kids so bad but I knew that holding off a couple of years would make it easier on us financially so we waited. 

And then my SIL was pregnant before me. When they found out they were having a girl every part of me was jealous and so worried that they would steal ‘my’ baby name. Looking back I’m pretty sure that the “use the name in every conversation possible to remind them that it’s my chosen name” became a little much.

Also while it seems nuts to you reading this right now, I know a lot of you can relate… 

And then my niece was born and just like that she was not an Abby. She was named something more beautiful and my jealousy quickly turned into feeling like an ass…with a little bit of relief. 

Now, of course, there are those vindictive people who will steal your chosen baby name knowingly and also not knowingly but because more than one person can like the same name…

Really I have no intelligent advice for you because I get wanting to name your baby that one baby name so bad that it hurts. But also being finished with having babies and looking at this now with experience you don’t own any rights to a name…but the emotional attachment will definitely make you think otherwise…and maybe the hormones…

Also, let me, leave you with this. It’s a little comical. We also don’t have an Abby. We have a Sophie! 


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  1. Nicole Q-Schmitz
    at 5:07 pm (9 months ago)

    I completely understand the name thing! I remember really liking a name, but then we found out that it would be the Husband’s cousins’ name (due a few months before our baby). So we just brought our list to the hospital and decided after! (We also didn’t know the gender, so it made sense to have the list).


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