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Grocery Pickup

Grocery shopping with three kids is not fun even at the best of times. One of the kids are always tired or cranky, the requests to buy the extras are relentless, someone always has to go to the bathroom or get changed (never at the same time of course), and it’s always a process that takes us at least a couple of hours. This is where online grocery shopping has been a lifesaver for me and I was super excited to try out the new Grocery Pickup.

Convenient & Easy 

In between naptimes and evening activities I created my online order switching between and the App. One of the convenient features for me through the Walmart App is the barcode scan option which lets you scan grocery items in your home and add them right to your order.

Walmart offers the same prices online and in-store and you can also ad match prices advertised by other competitors. With a great selection of No. 1 grade fruits and vegetables, a large selection of organic produce as well as 100% Canadian Angus beef, chicken, pork and salmon, having the option to have fresh, affordable food delivered right to your vehicle is just another way for you to be able to shop within a budget and have more time to do the other, more fun things in your life. 

After I was finished shopping I picked the date, time, and location that worked with my schedule and paid for my order. Using the Grocery Pickup Option is just $3, which honestly is worth my sanity. There are also 6 Grocery Pickup locations that you can pick up at within Edmonton & St. Albert so you can pick the location that’s most convenient for you. 


The location that I chose was the St. Albert Supercentre and when I arrived, I parked in the designated Grocery Pickup parking spot and called the number posted on the sign. The Walmart associates brought my groceries out to my vehicle, asked for my I.D. to verify that it was my order, and placed the groceries in my trunk.

They also went over my order with me to let me know that there were no substitutions that had to be made and all items in my order were included. 

Bringing my groceries home 

Being the first time that I have ordered any fresh food through Grocery Pickup I was a little nervous. When I arrived home, I went through my order with a fine-tooth comb. Were the apples bruised? Was the bagged salad fresh with an expiry date that wasn’t tomorrow? Did my meat choices come wrapped properly and also appear fresh?

Honestly? There wasn’t anything that I would have changed or replaced in my order. However, had there been an item that didn’t meet my standards Walmart has a 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee on all fresh food.

Other great options 

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone away only to come home and realize that we need to go grocery shopping. Going into an actual store and getting everything that we need is less than desirable and my energy level at this time is at -100… It’s also probably likely that if I do go, one of these kids will be with me, and I’ll grab every convenience item instead of the fresh food that I really should be getting. 

One of the great things about Grocery Pickup is that you can place your order up to 21 days ahead of time so when you’re preparing for going out of town you can also place your order to have it ready for pickup when you get back. I call that a checkmate! 

Save $10 on your first order! 

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Until May 31, 2017 you can use the promo code PICKUP10 to save $10 off your order. To activate the coupon, go to You will need an account which is quick and easy to set up and promo codes are available for online shopping only! 

We’re loving the Walmart Grocery Pickup option in our home. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think about the service in the comments how you liked it. 

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2 Comments on Review: How Grocery Pickup went for me

  1. Fitzy
    at 4:59 pm (7 months ago)

    I tried this new walmart service, i love it!! I tried couple different groceries stores that have this service, and compare to them, I should say walmart is the best one. They do little things that I didn’t expect but appreciate so much,
    1. They gave me a goody bag as a thank you for my first order
    2. They didn’t charge substitutions for stuff that weren’t available
    On top of that, their app is easy to use.
    Totally gonna recommend this to other fellow mamas!

    • anotheryegmommy
      at 10:15 am (7 months ago)

      the goody bag was awesome! And the not charging for substitutions is their mandate! They replace with a brand name product if nothing else is available! And the scan option on the app is a time saver.


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