Last September the new Westboro School park opened in Sherwood Park. Since then we’ve played there a few times and the kids love it! 


The first thing that the kids were drawn to this last time was the colorful climber. With a net in the middle both Carter and Finn explored it (although Finn didn’t get too far before he got scared). 


With a large area of playground equipment, there is plenty of room for children of all ages to run, climb, explore, and slide.

Westboro Park Accessibility

One of the great things about this park is that there are also features that are accessible for children that are in wheelchairs or that have other physical needs. 

These accessible features include:

  • Rubber ground in the accessible areas 
  • Swings, which offer more support for children that need it
  • A ship that is accessible by a wheelchair ramp and it also sways with body movement
  • A Merry Go Round that also has option for someone to sit down

We can spend hours at Westboro Park and can’t wait to go back again soon. You can find this park at 1078 Strathcona Dr. 

What are some parks that you love around Edmonton and area? Leave a comment below, we love to explore! 

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