The dreaded Spring cleaning has started in our house which has also included a full on purge of all the things as well. We’ve never been a family who does a huge clean every year, so this year it’s a big task (as you can only imagine). 

spring cleaning

Easy tips to help make Spring cleaning successful

Thankfully Clorox knows just how important Spring cleaning is and they recently sent me a Spring cleaning package to get me started and to help get our house smelling and looking great! If you also haven’t really done the whole Spring cleaning thing like me these are some things that have helped me out! 

Get rid of the paper

Do you ever wonder where it all comes from? Me too. There are a few things that you can do to lessen the amount that you accumulate. Sign up for e-bills, look at your flyers online, take pictures of your kids’ artwork/school and then recycle it, and download apps to scan your receipts. 

Plan for cleaning

We’re a busy family so we have finally learned that we need to make a schedule for our cleaning to actually happen. 

Every Thursday we take out the garbage, weekly I am proactively disinfecting door handles, light switches, doorknobs, drawer handles and more. We even schedule when we are going to use the Liquid Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator to clean the drains

Clean out your closets

With 3 kids who are always growing, I am always going through clothes. To make the process easy grab some Glad Easy-Tie Garbage Bags and put the clothes that are too small or worn in bags to donate, pass down to family members (cousins in our case) or recycle. 

Make it smell nice

Let’s face it, the garbage isn’t the greatest smelling part of the house and thankfully there are Glad Kitchen Catcher Bags that help to combat that with their scented line with Febreeze. It’s really the little things that make the biggest difference. 

*Hint! They work great in the bathroom too! 

spring cleaning

Don’t stop

Thanks to Marie Kondo, the book Spark Joy has been my main drive. I can’t tell you how many times in the past that I had started to clean or organize something and then got so overwhelmed that I just stopped. Don’t stop. Power through it and get it done. When your job is done it will feel amazing and you’ll also feel motivated to tackle more. 

Spring cleaning or just cleaning, it really is a work in progress. What are some ways that you make sure that your Spring cleaning is a success for you? 

While I received products to review as well as compensation all opinions are my own. 

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