Last night I was invited to check out Kids Escape Room with Carter and a few other kids and we had a blast. 

Kids Escape Room

Created by Carolyn & Keri (who also run Piano Stars) they have been running kids camps since 2004 and have a love for Escape Rooms themselves. So much so that they decided to create Kids Escape Room for kids with a passion for solving puzzles to experience over the summer. 

How does it work?

Located in St.Albert, Kids Escape Room is for kids ages 6-16 yrs for groups of 2-6 kids and different clues are tailored to different age  Each adventure goes for an hour and several time slots are available for each of the dates. 

Kids will have the opportunity to move through multiple rooms and the Escape Rooms include combination locks, key locks, door locks, combination safes & semi-automated puzzles. Teamwork is important and Carolyn & Keri watch the group through camera set up and communicate through walkie talkies. 

The group of kids that I was with we finished with just seconds to spare. Seconds!! But man was it a rush and it’s all Carter has been talking about.

Kids Escape Room Themes

Welcome to the Jungle – July 11th & 13th
You and your group of friends are prepared to enter the Jungle of Mystery to spend one night at the camp.  Legend says that those who don’t solve the mystery in time will be trapped in the jungle forever. So far, there has been no record of a successful attempt. Will your group have what it takes to be the first group to make it out?

X – Marks the Spot – July 18th & 19th 
You are on the most amazing tropical vacation enjoying a walk along the beach when you spot something……a piece of paper in the sand. What could it be? A map! A TREASURE MAP!! Only true friends will be able to read this map & solve puzzles along the way to find the treasures that await. But beware… you see a pirate ship in the distance & the captain could show up any minute! Be quick!

The Science Lab – July 25th & 26th 
As young researchers, you never know what formulas you are working on next or what experiments you will be performing each day. This week your team is on the verge of a breakthrough! There’s only one problem. The work is extremely time sensitive and you only have 60 minutes to complete the task at hand. Will this be your week to make history?

Ready, Set, Glow – August 1st & 2nd 
Do you enjoy finding clues and solving mysteries? How about doing this………in the dark!? Well… maybe a few black lights & glow sticks to help you along the way. Think you have what it takes!? Ready…..Set……GLOW!!!

The cost to experience Kids Escape room is $40 per group, with all kids included in the price. Want to book Kids Escape Room experience today? Book online at

Try out Kids Escape Room

Want a chance to try it for yourself? I am giving away a chance for a group of up to 6 kids to experience the “Welcome to the Jungle” theme tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30 pm! Enter via Facebook today

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  1. Calvin Chou
    at 3:31 pm (3 months ago)

    This sound awesome. My kids would love it


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