I have been waiting for this day! The awesome moms from #IMomSoHard are coming to the Edmonton Winspear Centre October 17th. 

#imomsohard Edmonton

If there are any moms out there on Social Media that you can relate to it’s Kristin & Jen from #IMomSoHard and now you can see them live right here in Edmonton.

With hilarious Facebook videos like their ‘I Swimsuit Season So Hard’ one they hit all of the mom truths right on the head, all with a glass of wine making us all laugh snort… 

#IMomSoHard ticket details

Tickets go on sale to the general public this Thursday at 10 am online or at the Winspear box office. 

Get your tickets 

Tickets are priced at $57.75 Orchestra (C & F), Terrace (B), Dress Circle (A), & Upper Circle (D) and $47.75 Gallery Rows (E). 

If you need me on Thursday morning I’ll be anxiously awaiting the box office opening so that I can get my tickets! 


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