Some of the best burgers that I’ve tasted? Jacks Burger Shack is definitely on that list. 

Jacks Burger Shack

Burgers that are made with fresh ground meat delivered daily from D’arcy’s meats, freshly delivered buns from the local Sobey’s, french fries made in house, and shakes to die for that’s what Jacks is all about. 

What we ordered

The kids each enjoyed a Lil Jack meal which comes with a plain burger, fries, and a choice of pop, milk or juice. Priced at just under $8, not only is it affordable for the kids to eat here but they also love it. 

Having never had a burger with chips on it before I chose the BBQ crunch with the patty BBQ’ed with Orange Soda BBQ sauce and cheese. A side of fries served with aioli, were also ordered. 

Jacks Burger Shack shake

We finished off with a Cap’n Crunch Shake which was the perfect consistency and delicious. While my items with the shake included were a little bit more expensive coming in at just under $20, it was filling and a price that I am willing to pay for the freshness and quality. 

Next time we’re there the Nutella shake and a wedge salads are on the list of things to order.

Find Jacks Burger Shack

You can find Jacks Burger shack in downtown St Albert at #130 15 Perron Street. They’re open Monday – Saturday for lunch 11am-2:30 pm and for dinner 4pm-8pm (or until sold out – whichever comes first).

You can also find the Jacks mobile shack around Edmonton. To see dates and locations download the Street Food Edmonton app


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