Before we bought this house, one of the requirements when we were looking was that I needed a room specifically for an office however since we’ve moved in it has slowly become the room where everything goes except me to work.

A fold up bed, clothes, piles of paper work and the general dumping place of the random clutter is what was in this room. And it just kept getting worse.

Just as I was thinking for the millionth time that I should really do something about the room I received an email from Mindy at Perfectly Purged Organizing – a local professional organizer. The email was asking if I would be interested in working together. A sign? Absolutely.

What did I want my creative space to look like?

Before photo Perfectly Purged Organizing

At our first meeting, we discussed what I envisioned for my space. I knew that I didn’t want to repaint or redesign the area I wanted an organized area with a place for my craft items, a place for my cameras and accessories, and a place to create more YouTube videos. I just had to get through all of the stuff that was in the room first.

While Mindy was here she also took pictures of the room and discussed her process for working with clients, and we made a plan for what I could do before we met again in a few weeks, and what we would do when she was here.

Getting organized

On the second visit, with the fold up bed moved into storage and the clothes cleared we went through and organized everything in the room. Every piece of paper work was sorted, filed, and labeled accordingly. Craft items sorted by season and labeled in bins.

 Perfectly Purged Organizing

Even when I had suggested that there were things that I could go through, later on, Mindy and her process is to leave no page unturned – which totally put me in the mindset that I needed to be into power through and finish.

Perfectly Purged Organizing

With a place for everything and everything is in its place having the help from Mindy was a godsend. Had I been on my own or with my husband we probably would have only finished half way and it would still be the room where all of the things go. Now it’s the perfect place for me to work and create whenever I need to.

Connect with Perfectly Purged Organizing

To learn more about the services that Mindy at Perfectly Purged Organizing offers and how Mindy can help you to organize your space go online to and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This post was sponsored by Perfectly Purged Organizing in exchange for services. All opinions are my own. 

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