If you are looking for a place to have a family meal, check out The Rock Wood Fire Pizza deal through Groupon!

Earlier this week I received an email from Groupon advertising this deal and quickly purchased one (there are four to choose from)

The cost – $33.

I have been to The Rock several times before so I know that they have great service and tasty wood fired pizza, but we have never been there with the kids.

This deal included:

  • One large pizza ($27.99 value)
  • One large caesar salad ($11.99 value)
  • One cookie skillet ($6.99 value)
  • Two beer samplers ($15.98 value)

Our server (who was awesome) brought us our drinks and both of my kids were excited to have juice boxes. My hubby and I were also able to enjoy some of the tasty selection of beer that they have there.

Juice boxes instead of cups that can spill 
Beer samplers 

The server quickly brought us out the family size caesar salad and our pizza soon followed.
(The pizza is cooked in a wood fire oven which is approximately 600 degrees)
There was plenty of food, and we even came home with some leftovers.

Family size caesar salad
Large pizza

 Lastly we enjoyed a cookie skillet which is cooked in their wood fire stove as well, and it was so yummy!

Cookie skillet

Groupon has this deal on for 2 more days and it is definitely worth the money!
Click here to purchase this or the other awesome options.
If you happen to miss this deal, still go and check them out, especially the pizza buffet lunch during the week.

**As always remember to tip for good service and to the price before the discount**

Until next time! Thanks for reading. 


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