So a couple of weeks ago I ordered 2 of the 3 trials packages through The Honesty Company. 
For only $5.95 each – why not? 
First of all when you sign up you are actually signing up for a monthly commitment as well. You can cancel at any time so all you need to do is cancel your account once you receive your trial packages, no questions asked. 
(Just don’t forget to cancel it
Essentials Trial Pack. 
Honest Healing Balm – No scent but to me it smells like oatmea.
Multi-surface cleaner- White grapefruit scent
Hand Soap – Organic lemongrass
Face & Body lotion – No scent. 
Shampoo & body wash – Orange & Vanilla scent  

Diaper & Wipes Trial Pack
7 Size 6 diapers
Package of 10 diaper wipes 
The scents of the items in the Essentials Trial Pack are nice and not over powering or medicinal smelling like some eco friendly, natural, organic products can smell like. 
The lotion and the healing balm also work very well and it is nice because neither of them are greasy once applied. 
I LOVED THE DIAPERS. I tested these diapers at various times and they have held up amazingly. 
Sophie sleeps through the night and has been know to wet through a diaper, she is also known for having poonomi’s and these diapers have held up beautifully. They also come in thee cutest prints ever and are also available in training pants as well as swim diapers.  The wipes are durable and scent free which is nice for people with allergies. 
Another great thing is that a lot of the products have an great score for the ingredients on the Skin Deep website. Which shows that they are living up to their natural ingredients commitments. 
Now lets get to the bad news 
(No longer bad news…just aww we have to wait news)  
Target has made the announcement that on June 15th they will start selling some of The Honest Company items in their stores. 
This is for the Target stores in the US ONLY. 
According to the Target Baby Facebook page, come this fall The Honest Company will be offering their product through Target Canada.. woot woot. 
So would I commit to a monthly delivery of these as well. Nope. With the Essential Trial pack they are awesome but for price I could get something more affordable for the same amount of eco friendliness here in Edmonton, the same goes for the diapers. Unfortunately shipping sucks so anything coming from them to Canada has a 25% border fee added to the price. For the diapers this makes it roughly a little over .80 cents a diaper. Add in a fluctuating Canadian dollar, price is the definite deciding factor. 
Should shipping ever become not so expensive (I can wish right?!?) or if it becomes available at a Canadian retailer, hold on cause I will be the first one in line. (Now I will be..;) ) 
Still want to look into it The Honest Company? Go to The Honest Company website and sign up the the Trial Packs.   

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