Seven families with thirteen kids, 5 years old and under we survived our 3rd annual moms group camping trip. We had a 2 hour thunder storm, a late night call to the lock smith, have realized we are a group that requires 4lbs of sausage, and love for a good game of Cards Against Humanity. 

This year we stayed at the Meadowlands RV Park and I couldn't have asked for a better place. The cost per family was $24/night (non-serviced) which included free showers. And they were the cleanest showers I have ever used while camping I might add! 




While the weather was cool we all took a quick 10 minute drive into Sylvan Lake to play at the park and some of the kids/parents decided to brave the cold water. 

The RV Park is connected to a golf course making it a perfect place to camp for golf lovers. There is also a driving range that some parents and kids went to. For $7/bucket the kids had tons of fun. With the large open field at our campsite, there was not one time where any of the kids said that they were bored! 


We are already starting to think about our camping trip next year and this is definitely on the list of potentials. 



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  1. The Little Tourist
    at 3:09 am (2 years ago)

    This is sooo awesome! It looks like all the families had a great time 😉


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