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Groceries from Flipp

With over 100 flyers from well known retailers across Canada it’s no wonder the Flipp App is a popular choice among many shoppers. Available on both IOS, Android as well as online this time saving and money saving App uploads flyers weekly. This gives you the chance to make sure you’re getting all of the best deals and has been saving us some money when planning for our camping trips! Also don’t forget to read to the bottom for a delicious and easy breakfast to make at home or when camping. 

Camping meals

Camping menu

We go camping a lot, and for awhile there it was like we were shopping just for camping. We started to create a detailed menu of what we would need. By incorporating it with what we were already buying for groceries and adding it into the Flipp App made it so we could find the best deals available. 

Work smarter not harder

Flipp 2

JuiceBecause you’re adding your grocery list to Flipp, it also shows you what is on sale for some (or all) of the items that you need. That doesn’t mean that you’re travelling all over to get the best prices (although in some cases it might make sense), it does give you the chance to price match. With most large retailers offering price matching using Flipp can save you an average 20%-70%.

Flipp coupons

Another thing I love? Flipp also lists coupons for some items. If there is a coupon available for an item, and that item happens to also be in one of the flyers, Flipp will show you where you can use the coupon. Either way it’s helping you to save even more money!

Not just for food

Flipp isn’t just for the grocery store flyers. You will also find flyers available from many other different types of retailers. If you’re looking for electronics, drug store sales, home improvement, toy stores, and even pet stores you can find them on Flipp.

Add your loyalty cards

Loyalty Cards on Flipp

How many loyalty cards do you have? Mine take up one entire side of my wallet. Many retailers have their own Loyalty cards for you to save even more money or to collect points. Flipp gives you the option to add each card within the app making it even more of a time save when shopping. 


Pancake sausage dippers

Pancake sausage dippers

You will need

  • Butter
  • Pancake mix (for camping we use the big bag from Costco as you only need to add water to the mix and makes it super easy for camping)
  • Breakfast Sausages
  • Maple syrup or your favourite dipping sauce
  • Spatula
  • Tongs



  • Cook your breakfast sausages and keep warm in separate pan
  • Pour pancake mix into hot pan 
  • When the first side is cooked place a breakfast sausage at the top of the pancake and instead of flipping it, roll the pancake (for me, it is a little easier using tongs to do this)
  • Cook the pancake more once rolled
  • Be sure to check the sides as they may need to be cooked a little (this is where the tongs come in handy again) 
  • Once cooked serve with a side of warm maple syrup or your favourite dipping sauce

We made these at home and also when camping. They are the perfect bite sized breakfast for the kids to eat and then be on their way to go and explore again. 

How have you used Flipp to help you save? I would love to hear how it’s been helpful for you. 

This post was sponsored by Flipp however, all opinions, photos, and content are my own. 


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