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Carrying on those Holiday Traditions with YTV

YTV I love traditions and growing up one of them was watching my favourite holiday movies on YTV. My sister and I would always get out the TV guide (paper – remember those?) and plan our Christmas tree decorating and gift-wrapping around our favourite holiday programs. Now that I have my own kids, this is […] Read more…

15 Awesome Winter Break Camps for Edmonton Kids 2018

Winter Break Camps

Winter Break is just around the corner which means that there are 2 weeks that you have to figure out what to do with the kids. Whether you’re looking for a place to take the kids while you go to work or just something to keep them active and occupied (and maybe you sane?) here […] Read more…

Wanted: Best Friend

Best Friend

I don’t know when it became so important to me. I mean, after all, I am in my mid-thirties. This is something that is generally reserved for school-aged relationships but here I am, like an angst-ridden teenager yearning for one to call my own. Wanted: Best Friend One day my daughter was making her best […] Read more…

Save 20% on a Parks Canada Family/Group Discovery Pass until Dec 31

Canada Parks

With Parks Canada admission being free to everyone in 2017, it created a lot more people taking advantage of accessing them – which also included my family.  Save 20% on a Parks Canada Family/Group Discovery Pass While passes aren’t free for 2018, there is something that has changed! Starting January 1st, 2018 admission is free for youth […] Read more…

We’re excited – Paw Patrol season 4 is now on Netflix

Paw Patrol season 4

On Friday, December 1st, my fellow Alberta Mamas, and other friends were talking about Elf on the Shelf and I was more focused on the fact that Paw Patrol season 4 was released on Netflix.  Paw Patrol season 4 If you don’t have Paw Patrol obsessed child then you’re lucky – my toddler’s life revolves […] Read more…

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