We camped 29 days this summer and some of those days were a camping trip with some of the Alberta Mamas at Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park. 

Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park

Located just 30 minutes East Edmonton Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park is a family run campground and it is a perfect place for families to camp without the inconvenience of not having to drive super far.

Campsite fee’s range from $39-$44 depending on what amp you are requesting (15, 20, & 50 are available) and there are also double sites, as well as group sites available. Sites are well treed and the grounds are kept immaculate!  

Review Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park. 


Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park Amenities

You won’t find this campground attached to a lake or a beach but that’s not a problem because they have their own pool on site and it’s the perfect size for kids to spend the day splashing around in. An added bonus is that there are also places to sit and soak up the sun too! 

 Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park. 

You will also find a small park for kids to play, as well as horse shoe pits, and a volley ball net. The office which is also a small store has items that you can borrow to play these games and more! 

In the small store, there is a good selection of camping necessities and treats, you will also find the showers in the same building which are loonie and toonie operation.

Things to consider

This campground is located in close proximity to a rural railway crossing which means that trains use their horns when crossing. This can happen during the day or at night. My kids were completely unphased by them as was I, but if that is something that will make or break your camping experience it’s something to definitely consider. 

Book for Summer 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ve started planning what you will be doing next summer. If you’re planning to book a spot at Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park reservations can be made starting after midnight on March 1st (so mark your calendars!) 

To get more details about Lindbrook Stargazer Campground & RV Park check out their website at http://www.lindbrookstargazer.ca

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