On Friday, December 1st, my fellow Alberta Mamas, and other friends were talking about Elf on the Shelf and I was more focused on the fact that Paw Patrol season 4 was released on Netflix. 

Paw Patrol season 4

If you don’t have Paw Patrol obsessed child then you’re lucky – my toddler’s life revolves around Paw Patrol so by default so does mine. He calls it Paw Trollin – I know I’m halfway between teach him how to say it properly and he’s your last one so let him say all the cute things a little bit longer. 

Because he watches it more then I would like to admit, I also am either watching it or it’s within earshot – so songs like this one get stuck in your head. (You’re welcome) 

There are some great messages weaved into the show – like being a good friend, overcoming fears, and more which Finn is just starting to grasp. And the songs are catchy and it’s also one of the shows that you can download to watch on your iPad or tablet  – just in time for Christmas traveling. 


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