How to shop Outgrown it Sale like a pro.

As a former Consignment business owner and lover of Outgrown it Sale shopping, having a plan when going into an Outgrown it Sale is key! It’s one of the best ways to get gently loved and next to brand new items for a fraction of the price. And let’s face it the rate that kids grow and change their minds it’s nice to be able to save some money. 

When shopping these sales, there are definitely some things to keep in mind. These are the strategies that I use when I go to these sales and hopefully that will help you out too! 

Know what you want to purchase

Have your kids try on their clothes to see what doesn’t fit. Shop for the next season and even sizes up. These sales are also great to find items that are almost brand new for babies. Swings, blankets, bedding and baby clothes.
If you can skip the car sear and cribs and buy them brand new!  

Know your brands

Brands like Walmart, Old Navy, and Superstore are ones that will discount their clothes significantly at the end of the season. They are referred to as ‘value brands’ and do not retain value at all. 

Alternatively, there are many great brands that hold their value EXTREMELY well. Brands like Gymboree, Peekaboo Beans are brands that sometimes go for the same price or more than what their original prices were (even after being worn). Other brands like GAP, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Adidas, Nike, and Levi’s are other great brands. 

Another tip – knowing how different brands fit is a must because none of them fit the same…ever… 

Inspect the clothes

It’s easiest to check clothes in natural light, but if you can’t do that bring a small flashlight (yes I have seen it done).

Check for food stains, poop stains, make sure buttons and snaps are intact and make sure there aren’t any holes. If you are unsure about a clothing piece being worn or faded you can compare to the fabric under a collar or on the back of the shirt. 

Bring Cash & know your budget.

Go to the bank and grab some cash. There may be a bank machine on site but it’s not guaranteed or it can be emptied quick. Shopping with smaller bills and change (preferably exact change) helps you move around the sale quicker if there are individual tables and the vendors will thank you!

Knowing how much you are going to spend is also super important. If you know how much an item is generally worth don’t overpay (unless it’s highly sought after and worth it to you). Buyers remorse sucks and even more so because everything at these sales is final sale. 

Leave the kids

If you can leave the kids at home DO IT. These sales can be a mad house and strollers can be hard and stressful to maneuver through the crowds. And the kids they always seem to loose their cool just as you’re getting into the groove of shopping. 

Bring a bag or two

Some sales will give out ‘swag bags’ which are generally in a reusable bag but that’s not guaranteed so bring a shoulder bag if you have one. 


You want the best price possible and the sellers want to at least leave making some money (or at least pay off the amount it cost to rent a table at the sale). There is a fine line between trying to get the best deal and then just being down right insulting.

It all relates to up above, know your prices, know how much you’re willing to pay and if all else fails you can always say “How low are you willing to go on this?” 

Do you have so tips for shopping an Outgrown it Sale like a pro? Leave a comment and tell me all about it. 

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