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Our food truck scene has grown tremendously over the years and we have some pretty kick-ass food trucks around Edmonton. What the Truck?! has released all of their dates at once to give everyone the chance to plan their plan of attack (ie: plan their diet for the next 4 months). Here are just a few things to know!

  • The kick off for the season is taking place at Northlands Saturday May 28 & Sunday May 29, 3-8pm. (Last year 12,000 people RSVP’d!!!)
  • If you’re planning to attend it’s a good idea to RSVP (if you can). It gives the Food Truck vendors a better idea of what to prepare for. See all the dates and RSVP here
  • What the Truck?! is a family friendly event! And for some of them that even means your 4 legged dog friend. The event will say if it is, but if you are unsure or don’t see it specified anywhere just ask! 
  • Look at the menu here to see what you want before you attend! If you love it, other people love it too. Show up at the beginning to get the food you’re craving.
  • What the Truck?! runs smoothly because of it’s awesome volunteers (among many other things), and their looking for people to sign up! Go here to sign up!
  • Memorable moments will be marked at some of the What the Truck?! events, such as the Park after Dark which is the final farewell to the Horse Races at Northlands and also the celebration of the new community of Blatchford
  • Make sure you have cash for all of your yummy finds!
  • Bring a blanket or chairs if you want to sit, seating and tables aren’t guaranteed to be available!
  • Follow What the Truck?! and the vendors on Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, + Instagram and be social! Take pics and share it with the world. 

Have more questions or want to see more information about What the Truck?!, check out their website at http://www.whatthetruck.ca This year it’s definitely guaranteed to be a delicious season! 

Photo credit: What the Truck?! Flickr page/Mack Male

2 Comments on What the Truck?! has announced their 2016 dates. Here’s some things to know!

  1. suzanne dennis
    at 6:14 am (2 years ago)

    Great post! I can tell you are a #yegfoodtruck food lover – but then…..who isn’t?
    And the link for volunteer’s is super wicked awesome -thank you.
    It really is a fun time, and youth are welcome to come with a parent/guardian – so it can really be a family fun day! Shifts are short and we pay in FREE FOOD! And any volunteer who does 2 shifts, so about 8 hours of volunteering gets a really cool What the Truck t-shirt too!
    See you at What the Truck!
    su 🙂

  2. http://www./
    at 3:14 pm (9 months ago)

    Ã…hhhh men kjære vakre vene!!SÃ¥ nyydelige kort, Marianne!Lekre detaljer og nyydelige farger!Ikke noe rart om du er med i deres GDT!!Du er ett oppkomme av kreativitet og nyydelige kreasjoner!Flinka :)Klemmer fra Maya – Som teller dager og Gleder seg!! 🙂


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