It’s those moments where you feel like you’re the only one who feels like they are failing as a parent. Like dear god how am I going to survive this parenting thing and how does it look like everyone else has it together?!

Failing as a parent


My kids spend way too much time watching tv, like seriously thank god season 3 of Paw Patrol has been put on Netflix! The kids are fighting for the billionth time today, we shopped for our school supplies last minute and it seems like the whole city is sold out of those damn Prang Watercolour paint sets, I yelled too much today, yesterday, and last week and despite my best wrestling efforts last week my kids brushed their teeth only handful of times. This is the tip of the iceberg…


But then something like this happens…

The other day as Kris went to get our trailer from his parent’s lake lot all 3 of the kids were thirsty. The only things that Kris could find in the cabin were 2 juice boxes and a bottle of water. Naturally, all 3 wanted a juice box but no one wanted to share. And then this happened…. “Dad I know that Sophie and Finn want a juice box so I’ll take the water bottle”. Just like that.. done. No tears. No waiting for Dad to intervene. Just a problem-solving skills ninja! 

And just like that, the mom guilt fades away if only for a little bit. I mean it seems like I’ve done something right…right?!?

So, parents, I’m down there in the trenches with but I am also here to say you’ve got this. We’ve got this. 

1 Comment on Failing as a parent? No not really..but sometimes it feels like it

  1. Miranda Hume
    at 3:30 pm (1 year ago)

    I get this! Those moments make you feel like you are doing something right/


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