If you’re looking for places to toboggan with the family this is a great place to start! Filled with suggestions for toddlers to thrill seekers you’ll find something for everyone! 

toboggan around Edmonton

11 family friendly toboggan hills in Edmonton + area

Griesbach Hill 
Get some good speed on this awesome hill! It’s a great place for families with older kids to go toboggan.
Address: Griesbach Central Park 2630 Sir Arthur Currie Way

North Edmonton Sugar Bowl 
A great hill to toboggan on with the family! Features a sugar bowl where you can toboggan from all angles! 
Address: 9003 153 Ave (Right by Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church)

Seven Hills 
It’s a favourite location for many to go Tobogganing! While it’s better for older kids, if you have younger kids that enjoy a fast ride this might just be it!
Address: 13 Mission Ave, St.Albert

Liberton Hill 
With 3 ‘runs’ to choose from this is the perfect place if you’re going tobogganing with the family, as one of the hills is perfect for little kids
Address: Liberton Drive, St.Albert

Jackie Parker Park 
With a few hills to choose from, this is perfect for little ones and thrill seekers alike! 
Address:  4540 50 St NW

Whitemud Park North 
Another great place to toboggan with the family. One of the best parts is that the Alfred H. Savage Centre is located at the base of the hill which has a washroom!
Address: Keillor Road and Fox Drive
(City hill – not yet opened)

Rundle Park 
This is a great location to go with kids. Although it is best to wait for the city to open the location first as they put hail bails at the bottom and it’s close to a road. 
Address: 2903 – 113 Avenue

Gallagher Park 
This hill is for the thrill seekers but also has a smaller area for a less intense but still fun tobogganing experience. 
Address: 97th Avenue and 92nd Street
*Maintained by the City of Edmonton*

Magrath Heights Park 
One of the highest points in Edmonton, this is a great hill for those that love a fast tobogganing experience! There is also a small hill close to the park for little ones to enjoy. 
Address: Magrath Boulevard and Magrath Road

LaPerle Sugar Bowl 
A favourite place for many this is another great place to go tobogganing with the family. 

Address: 87 avenue & 189 street

Lakeland Ridge School 
Located on the south side of the park this is a perfect hill for little ones to toboggan on.
Address: 101 Crimson Drive, Sherwood Park

McGahn Park 
There are two hills to choose from here. The hill that is perfect for little kids is located right when you get to the park. If you go a bit further in the park you will get to the bigger hill or those looking for a faster tobogganing experience. 
Address: 751 Meadowview Drive, Sherwood Park

What are some of your favourite places to go tobogganing around Edmonton and beyond? Leave a comment for me so I can explore other ones around the city! 

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