What better way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday than to go on a road trip? Recently I ventured East of Edmonton for the Ford #GoFurther150 celebration to the Village of Glendon, to see the Giant Pyrogy. 

Road Trip to Glendon, Vegreville Stop

Knowing that road trips are always more fun when you have friends along I invited Deanne and Kim to join me.

With the Ford Edge packed with some delicious Ukrainian Food (from Sandy’s Ukrainian Foods) for a picnic at Elk Island Park, later on, some strong coffee and my phone paired to the SYNC with Apple CarPlay we had great music that was easy to get to and navigation that steered us in the right direction. 


Our first stop was in Vegreville to stretch our legs and to check out the giant Pysanka (egg). When in Alberta right?! As our luck would have it we also happened upon a delicious food truck with perogy poutine. Mouth watering? It was as yummy as it sounds.

**Fun fact Alberta is home to many giant roadside attractions 

Ford #GoFurther150 Glendon

On a road again our next stop was our point of destination, the giant Pyrogy in the village of Glendon. Located in Pyrogy Park just off of Pyrogy Drive there is also a large green space to picnic and a great park (with a zip line) for kids to play! 


It was time to make our way back to stop off at Elk Island but we chose to take a different route so that we could make some stops along the way. Hitting the Worlds Largest Mushrooms in Vilna, the Largest Mallard in Andrew, and the Worlds Largest Sausage in Mundare and finally made it to our destination in Elk Island Park! 

Ukrainian Food Glendon #GoFurther150

Equipped with a small BBQ and yummy Ukrainian food we set to cooking Pyrogy, Nalysnyky, Cabbage Rolls and Ukrainian Sausage. I don’t think it could have been any more perfect as we ate discussing the fun we had that day!

Ford #GoFurther150 Trip Glendon

Going on this road trip to Glendon in the Ford Edge was such a comfortable ride! Kim had plenty of room in the back and the front was just as spacious. Some of the cool features that came equipped in this model were:

  • Air conditioning in the seats (the best)
  • Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert which comes in useful for city and highway driving
  • SYNC with Apple CarPlay which I mentioned above and it was awesome having everything right there from my phone – I could even access my text messages if I needed to!! 

The Ford #GoFurther150 celebration is sending 50 bloggers across Canada to do some pretty cool things! To see other trips just search the hashtag #GoFurther150 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! 


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